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This site primarily assists solicitors who are involved in Industrial Disease litigation. Busy practitioners can be kept up-to-date with Industrial Disease matters. They can also it as a source for useful documents. Others with an interest in Industrial Disease litigation may also find it useful.

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Updates on Industrial Disease matters:

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Gregory v H J Haynes Limited [2020] EWHC 911 (Ch), on appeal before Mr Justice Mann Introduction: This was an appeal from a decision by a District Judge who had declined to use the discretion to disapply the limitation period as available under section 33 of the Limitation Act 1980.    The...
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Thompson v Smiths Shiprepairers [1984] Q.B. 405 Introduction: Thompson v Smiths Shiprepairers (North Shields) Limited [1984] Q.B. 405 holds a north-east connection, with the setting of Smiths Dock being only a few miles from our Chambers here in Newcastle.  It is also a Judgment, though long, which is easy to read.  Mr Justice Mustill...
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Classification of HAVS

The classification of HAVS has evolved over the years. Use of the Taylor/ Pelmear scale has given way to the Stockholm Workshop scales. The Stockholm Workshop scales take account of both sensorineural/ neurological symptoms (numbness and tingling in the fingers, with a reduced sense of touch, temperature and pain) and...
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Library of Industrial Disease documents:

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