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Updates on Industrial Disease matters:

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Thompson v Smiths Shiprepairers [1984] Q.B. 405 Introduction: Thompson v Smiths Shiprepairers (North Shields) Limited [1984] Q.B. 405 holds a north-east connection, with the setting of Smiths Dock being only a few miles from our Chambers here in Newcastle.  It is also a Judgment, though long, which is easy to read.  Mr Justice Mustill...
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Classification of HAVS

The classification of HAVS has evolved over the years. Use of the Taylor/ Pelmear scale has given way to the Stockholm Workshop scales. The Stockholm Workshop scales take account of both sensorineural/ neurological symptoms (numbness and tingling in the fingers, with a reduced sense of touch, temperature and pain) and...
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An Introduction to NIHL

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) – an Introduction Even those who are experienced in personal injury cases in general can sometimes find industrial diseases cases difficult to get to grips with.  Noise induced hearing loss cases can fall into this category.  Such cases sometimes appear littered with seemingly impenetrable, highly technical arguments....
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