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Goldtrail Travel v Grumbridge

Section 32 is an infrequently used part of the Limitation Act 1980, but one from time to time which may...
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Judicial review cases are not the usual fare of this website. However, R (on the Application of The Asbestos Victims...
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Damages Sundry

Ogden 8 and Smith v Manchester Awards

I have recently drafted two articles regarding Smith v Manchester awards.  Firstly in what circumstances they may be appropriate, as opposed...
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This short article covers a fundamental, but not straightforward, issue in noise induced hearing loss cases - calculating the Noise Immission...
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This short article looks at ‘adjusting’ self-recording audiometry in order that it might be compared to manual audiometry such as...
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Smith v Manchester: Part 2 – Valuing the Award

In Part One of this series, I set out relevant factors as to whether a Smith v Manchester award was appropriate.  In this...
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Many Industrial Disease cases contain a claim for a Smith v Manchester award on the Schedule.  It is perhaps most likely to be...
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The case of Valerie Bannister (Widow and Executrix of the Estate of Dennis Charles Bannister, Deceased) v Freemans PLC was...
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‘Anger Time’ in hand-arm vibration cases

Accurate assessment of exposure is vital in industrial disease claims. In vibration claims, accurate assessment of 'Anger Time' (or 'Trigger...
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NIHL – How distance affects Noise Exposure

There is much debate at the moment about the different risks posed by being 1 or 2 metres away from...
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