I provide training across the range of Industrial Disease matters.

Recently training has been given to:

  • Zoom seminars ‘Law with Lunch’ – to both claimant and defendant solicitors
  • Bespoke training series
  • Claimant solicitor firms
  • Defendant solicitor firms
  • Local authorities

Training can easily be arranged via zoom or similar – bespoke sessions can be arranged.

Solicitors may be interested in any of the topics below, but other topics can easily be arranged by request.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss:

  • An Introduction to NIHL
  • What is Noise and what is breach of duty
  • Audiograms and medical causation
  • Factual Issues in NIHL
  • Limitation in NIHL
  • De Minimis
  • Complex medical issues in NIHL (either individual topics or a review of the common complex issues)
  • Loss at 6 kHz alone

Vibration Induced Injury:

  • An Introduction to vibration related injury
  • What is vibration and what is a breach of duty
  • Forms of vibration related injury and their causation
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and its connection to vibration

Asbestos Related injury:

  • Date of guilty knowledge
  • Forms of asbestos related injury
  • Factual issues in asbestos claims
  • Limitation in asbestos claims


  • Section 14 of the Limitation Act 1980 and the date of knowledge
  • Section 33 of the Limitation Act 1980 and the practical use of the discretion
  • Evidence in limitation cases

Other training:

  • Occupational asthma – an Introduction 
  • Dermatitis – an Introduction

Feedback from recent sessions:

It was really interesting, thanks.

It was really useful.  Thank you very much.

Thanks – it was really informative.

It was really interesting and very helpful, thank you…”

Great session today, I really appreciated Jim’s time and knowledge.

“Very useful session, thanks.

“The training today was really useful.”