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This third article in relation to the Noise Immission level (NIL) considers some of the more complicated or arguable features. The first article considered the basics of the NIL. The second article considered how the Coles guidelines use the NIL. Notches/ bulges between 10 - 20 dB with a NIL...
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This article considers how the NIL is used within the Coles guidelines. This is the second article in this series in relation to NIL. The first article looked at the basics of the Noise Immission Level (NIL). Prior to the Coles guidelines. Prior to the Coles Guidelines being widely adopted individual experts may have...
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The basic requirements for a diagnosis of Noise Induced Hearing Loss consist of 2 elements: audiology which is consistent with NIHL and a history of exposure to a sufficient amount of noise.  One without the other is not sufficient.  The Noise Immersion Level (NIL) is a way of calculating the second part...
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