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This site primarily assists solicitors who are involved in Industrial Disease litigation. Busy practitioners can be keep up-to-date with Industrial Disease matters. They can also it as a source for useful documents. Others with an interest in Industrial Disease litigation may also find it useful.

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Updates on Industrial Disease matters:

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I have recently drafted two articles regarding Smith v Manchester awards.  Firstly in what circumstances they may be appropriate, as opposed to using a multiplier and multiplicand approach.  In the Second article I considered guidance as to how to value such a claim. However, with the even more recent publication of the...
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This short article covers a fundamental, but not straightforward, issue in noise induced hearing loss cases - calculating the Noise Immission Level. It is often the make, or break, of a case. What is the Noise Immission Level The Noise Immission Level (NIL) is a calculation as to an individual’s lifetime...
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This short article looks at ‘adjusting’ self-recording audiometry in order that it might be compared to manual audiometry such as pure tone audiometry. There is much debate as to the utility of occupational hearing audiometry in NIHL cases.  The value and reliability of the previous audiometry might depend on which side...
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