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Pinnegar v Kellogg and ICI

This case is the latest in a series where the issue as to the reliability and credibility of historic witness evidence has been raised. I have written about similar cases of Bannister v Freemans and Smith v Secretary of State for Transport in previous articles. In this case, the Deceased...
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Hamilton v NG Bailey Limited [2020] EWHC 2910 (QB) provides a useful view of how a court might approach quantum in an asbestosis case when considering damages on a provisional basis rather than as a full and final settlement. Those who deal regularly with such cases would be well advised...
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Motorcycle Noise Exposure

Anyone who has ever read a medical report in a noise induced hearing loss case will be familiar with the medical expert commenting on whether a claimant has a history of riding a motorbike.  So motorcycle use might be considered a relevant feature of a claim. Whilst occasional, intermittent use...
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